Sunday, June 21, 2015

Republicans are sooooo pro-life they're willing to let millions of people die just to stick it to the uppity Black man in the White House.

Who is Socialist?

Republicans are constantly accusing Democrats of not adequately supporting the largest socialist institution in America and claim to support it more than any other: the military.

It isn't socialism Republicans object to, it's who benefits from the socialist program. If the 1% benefit, Republicans love socialism, if everyday Americans benefit, Republicans are "agin it." 

Republicans call anything that would improve the lives of everyday American people, "socialism."

Happy Task

When Hillary ran against Obama, I supported Hillary in the Primary, but am proud to have Obama as my president.

I support Bernie and will vote for him in the primary because the positions he espouses are mostly my positions, but no matter whether he or Hillary wins the primary, he our she will have my support. Either will make an excellent president.

Democrats are blessed to have the happy task of deciding between two excellent candidates, Republicans have the chore of picking one clown out of many.