Friday, July 30, 2010

morning glories sound
trumpets announcing dawn
ready to march
a restless brass band
all decked out in blue
Reading books
Is not the same
Bottle caps for eyes
a blackbird
startles a dove
from the feeder
she stares as if accusing
me of playing favorites
hang from the tree
await twinkle lights

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Walking in the Park

Walking in the park
Where we shared our first kiss...
A log floats past.

A Life-Time

Each day for
The mayfly is
A life-time.
For the Sage -
A thousand

The Cat

The cat
A mouse

My Birthday

My birthday
Plethora of gifts

Each Thrust

Each thrust
Me into you
I disappear.

Morning Glories

Vines cover the fence
One blue flower
Gone by noon.


A sparrow picks
Up a seed from the path -
Feeds it to his mate.

Days are Few

The days are few
When the weather is pleasant -
Old man naps in the shade.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Her Eyes

(For Pam)

At first
I was lost
In her eyes.
Twenty years on -
They haven't let go.

Her Garden Path

(Song of Songs 4:16)

Her legs pull me deep
Along her slippery
Garden path.
Long after our visit,
Her perfume lingers.

On My Feeder

On my feeder
Birds singing
For their supper.

A Cardinal

A cardinal visits
The bird feeder when it
Thinks I'm not looking.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


August comes
With a clear blue sky -
Wilted roses


One could never understand
Who doesn't have a wife,
How a man would rather die
Than see the end of her life.


Robin eats Worm -
Wonder if Worm's brothers
Believe God took him

Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jesus Loves Me, Christian Right Version

Jesus loves me, this I know,
But He don't love those other guys.
He gives me lots of dough
And pokes Lib'rals in the eyes.

Jesus loves me, yes I'm sure.
And He hates those I hate too -
Like gays, blacks, and the poor.
If you don't agree, He hates you.

Jesus Wept

A poor child died as Christians slept
Their conscious devoid of shame.
Jesus lowered His head and wept
For all that's done in His name.

Proverb Redux

It's been said that to save a life
Is to save all of  mankind.
Even better is to avoid all strife
And keep Tea Partiers confined.

Ode to Ronald Ray Gun

Eating from dumpsters, you just might
Think the homeless have such fun.
Sleeping in boxes every night
All because of Ronald Ray Gun.

Obama Should Know His Place

'Tis not the color of his skin
Nor that his hair is nappy
That has them so unhappy.
They say it's none of that,
But any Black Democrat
Should know not to win.

Republican Tea, A Recipe

When you've been violated,
Republicans know just what to do:
Make lemons into lemonade and
Add the baby to the brew.

Add a bit of callous,
Mix it with your tea,
And share your drink with
Someone from the G.O.P.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Conservatives Are Merry Old Nuts

 Conservatives are merry old nuts,
Merry old nuts are they,
But mostly we just kick their butts
And send them on their way.

I once had a Conservative say to me,
"It's all about the Constitution."
I said, "I'll give you that, but see,
Can't we use it to find a solution?"

He said, "Keep the markets free,
And our corporations happy."
I said, "Sure, as long as the
Workers aren't treated so crappy."

He said, "It's immigration
Ruining our great country."
I said, "What's ruining this nation
Is Conservatives are too dang flaky."

Old George Bush

Old George Bush really had no care
Took vacations like a merry so-and-so
Guilty, innocent, had no prayer -
Plenty of room in Guantanamo.

Sat in comfort on his jet
And watched as New Orleans drowned.
Put us in tremendous debt
As he ran our country to the ground.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two Gardens

My neighbor plants vegetables -
Doesn't see the sense
In planting something
She can't eat.

I plant impatiens,
Roses, Morning Glories and such -
Everything for its color
But nothing to eat.

She grows tomatoes,
Cucumbers, peppers and such -
Everything for a salad
Which she loves to eat.

"How beautiful your Marigolds,
Lilies, and vines," She exclaims,
"Care for a salad?
We can look while we eat."