Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Southern Democrats, Southern Republicans, and Northern Republicans fought the Civil Rights Act, it passed because if Northern Democrats and a few Northern Republicans. Afterwards, Southern Democrats left the Democratic Party and, after briefly experimenting with their own party, (Dixiecrats) began showing up at Republican Party meetings en masse and took them over.

Nixon's "Southern Strategy" cemented the relationship between Southern racism and the Republican Party.

In its heyday, the KKK membership was predominately Southern Baptist who once were typically Southern Democrat but are now typically Republican.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Jesus and Paul were both very clear on taxes. Pay them without complaint. It's the government's money anyway.

The dollar is backed by the "full faith" of the US govt. and is only as strong as our economy. Cutting taxes and assisting the poor puts money into the economy since the poor spend their money, cutting taxes on the rich cripples the economy because even the rich can only buy so much butter. Money does not trickle down, it flows upstream and when you cut taxes on the rich, you damn the flow.

As to helping the poor, the Old Testament makes the poor the responsibility of the govt and the individual while the New Testament makes the poor the responsibility of the Church and the individual. God allowed Israel to be destroyed and Judah to be taken captive to Babylon because of their treatment of the poor. And he will not spare America.