Thursday, May 30, 2013

Conservatives Have Created An Anti-Christian Nation

Despite their mutual hated for each other, the Christian Right & Taliban are twins born from the same spirit.

Conservatism is the mother of Inquisitions.

Jesus and Paul spoke of Christianity as a way or path (Matt 7:14, Acts 22:4) until the Catholic Church came and formalized it into a religion.

Emperor Jesus?

Emperor Jesus?
While the terminology may be dated, it must be remembered that the Kingdom of God has an upside down hierarchy. The greatest are those who serve others today and those on the top of the heap today will be on the bottom in the coming kingdom. Today's poor await treasures in heaven while the earthly wealthy already have their reward.

And to me, a bit of poverty for the 70ish years one spends on earth is well worth the coming reward.

When we feed the poor, we feed Jesus (Matt 25), when America declared war on the poor, America declared war on Jesus.

America's real god...Mammon dressed up in a Jesus costume.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

God never commanded us...

God never commanded us to love our spouses, children, grand children, or our BFFs. Loving them comes naturally to most people.

We are, however commanded to love God, our neighbor, and our enemies. Those we have to work at.

Splinters and street corners

If the people who metaphorically stand on street corners praying, "Thank God, I'm not a sinner like that man over there," started a church with the people ignoring the beam in their own eye to point out the splinter in another's, it would be called the Christian Right.