Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tides Foundation CEO To Fox News Advertisers: Drop Glenn Beck Or Have Blood On Your Hands

I recall Right-wing boycotts of Disney, etc. over gay rights and other Right-wing boycotts as well - so, yes, it does go both ways. For a while (80s if I recall correctly), Right-wing groups were calling for so many boycotts, they began to lose their effectiveness.

Calls for a boycott are, in themselves, free speech. I certainly have the right to do business with people and groups who share my views and refuse to do business with those who are working against my interests, and the right to encourage others to do the same. For example, as a Liberal Christian, I use the local Shepard's Guide as a personal boycott list.

No one is saying Beck can't say what he wants, but I have also put a parental block on Fox News so the crap doesn't even accidentally come into my house and avoid, when possible, spending money with companies who play the station on TVs in their waiting rooms and show rooms or with companies who advertise on Fox.
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