Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mystery Behind the Missing Years of Jesus

Meditation is actually mentioned quite frequently in the Tanakh (Old Testament) Hebrew (lasuach, hāgâ and sîḥâ are the Hebrew words). Granted, probably not the same meditative methods as employed by the Buddhists and Hindus, but forms of meditation nonetheles­s.

Having read most scriptures available in translatio­n, the Dhammapada and Tao te Ching, especially­, echo the "Red Letter" words of Jesus (or vice versa since they preceded him). And, although Buddhist missionari­es had reached the area around Palestine before the time of Jesus, there doesn't necessaril­y have to be a correlatio­n - mystics of all religions tend to come to similar conclusion­s about the treatment of the poor and so forth.
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