Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christians don't belong in politics

Jerry Falwell once preached that Christians should stay out of politics, not long after he changed his mind when President Carter threatened to remove tax exemption for White's Only Christian Schools. After awhile, Falwell realized there was more contributions to be had fighting abortion.

I tend to agree. Not that Christians shouldn't care about politics and vote their conscience, but the Right went too far and wedded Christ to harlots, the Republican Party (it would have been just as bad had the Left done the same thing to the Democratic Party).

By calling, I am what various denominations would call an intercessor, a Christian Mystic, a Habakkuk, if you will.  One who's greatest ambition is to sit alone in my metaphoric watchtower with one eye on the news and the other focused on Heaven to "see what He will say," but became distressed that God's Name was being blasphemed by associating it with the Republican Party so I got off my knees and added my voice to those risen in protest in the wilderness.

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