Friday, November 26, 2010

The Christian Right in Context, Part 3: Politics Over Persuasion

In the end, Fundamentalism is a reaction to fear (which makes it inherently unscriptural since Christians are not to have a "spirit of fear", 2Ti 1:7) in the face of a changing world. Especially fear in the face of uncertainty, "the Fundamentals" refer to a litmus test of things a person must believe in order to be a "real Christian" (unscriptural in itself since Christians aren't supposed to attempt to "separate the wheat from the chaff" themselves. Never mind that fundamentalism is the "new kid on the block", that for thousands of years, Christians didn't necessarily believe those things, and, according to scripture, likely part of the "great falling away."

Ultimately Conservative Christianity is rooted in racism, especially the Southern Baptists who split from other Baptists to promote slavery and a "tree never grows far from its roots.'
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