Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pandora To File IPO, Looks To Raise $100 Million

I have one of the subscripti­ons, the main advantage (the ads were not that obtrusive) is that you can turn it on and not have to "like" or "dislike" so often before it shuts down and asks if someone's listening so I can turn it on and read, play with the grandkids, do the dishes, etc. without running in to "like" something. (At other times, it is good to like and dislike to "fine tune" your station.)

It's nice I can listen on the computer as well as on the Roku box and the Blueray player. With Pandora I've rediscover­ed songs of my youth I'd forgotten about and discovered new New Age artists. Together with Netflix, instant news, keeping up with my relative's lives on Facebook, and buying books on Amazon the local stores don't carry - they are the reason I bother to have an internet account.
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