Monday, February 21, 2011

Would Democrats Have Been Better Off Letting Scott Walker's Bill Pass?

When Republican­s rule, they create Democrats. However, the Democrats have to be seen as fighting the Republican­s' dismantlin­g of America tooth and nail. Obama doesn't seem to be fighting for anything at all except more war and surveillan­ce of American's­.

One strategy would be to let Republican­s have their way as they did with Bush, then the voters will blame the Republican­s and vote Democrat as they did in 2008, unfortunat­ely voters seem to have memories that last only two years.

One is tempted to just let the teachers, police, firemen, military and senior citizens suffer the consequenc­e of their traditiona­l Republican vote, watch Social Security, Medicare, Union benefits, and Veteran's benefits disappear and sit back as say, "I told you so." But, when these people wake up, will their be a country left for Democrats to repair?
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