Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beck: I Would Be 'Uncomfortable' With Muslim In My Administration (AUDIO)

Taqiyya is permitted in Shia Islam (not Sunni) ONLY as a means of safety. One is permitted to lie or eat forbidden foods to protect oneself from torture, imprisonme­nt or death because of one's religion. Sharia Law only applies to Muslims. It's a system where Muslims are judged by the standards of their own religion, under Sharia Law, a Christian can buy alcohol while a Muslim would be punished for doing so.

During my time in the USAF, I served 27 months in Turkey with a weekend trip to Syria. I worked side-by-si­de with Muslims, played backgammon in the tea houses, and spent the weekend traveling and visiting historical sites, sometimes sleeping in a tent. I found Muslim people to be no different than anyone else. They want a job that enables them to get ahead, a spouse to love them, children to pass on a bit of themselves­, food to eat, shelter, freedom.

In fact, while I am a Christian, I would trust many Muslim people I have met a lot further than I would trust any Fundamenta­list Christian - those are the people who will kill you just for disagreein­g with them. And the ones trying to impose "Christian Law" on America.
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