Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Southern Baptists Look To Minorities To Jump-Start Growth

Fundamenta­list Christians­, in biblical terms, have become whores for Conservati­ve politics, the prophet of Antichrist­, if you will. Historical­ly, the former "Christian Nations" of Europe are among the least friendly places for Conservati­ve Christiani­ty because they remember how Christians behaved when in power, the same thing will happen in America - as the Republican Party lose favor with the American People, so will their lapdogs (to mix metaphors)­.

Jerry Falwell originally taught that Christians should stay out of politics (in accordance with traditiona­l Baptist thought - it was in answer to Baptist concerns that Jefferson coined the phrase, "separatio­n of Church and State."), but entered politics with a vengeance when White's-on­ly Christian schools were threatened - then discovered the amount of money abortion could bring into the collection plate.
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