Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jeff Sessions: Saying Millionaires Should Share Pain Is 'Rather Pathetic'

As a percentage of income, the wealthy pay less taxes than than the poor and middle class (although they like to pretend that the income tax is the only tax people pay). So, the people least able to bear the cost of governing is stuck with the bill, and the wealthy who benefit the most from governing (much of the cost of our Department of Defense, for example, goes toward protecting trade) get out of paying for it.

It's not just money, the poor & MC have long sacrificed their sons on the front lines to defend this country while the wealthy get their sons exemptions or officer jobs.

The poor and MC have sacrificed sons, treasure, and comfort for our Country, and it is high time the wealthy contribute their fair share. But, one forgets, when it comes down to it, the wealthy have no country.
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