Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fox News promotes Nazis who claim to support ‘Occupy Wall St.’

Fox News promotes Nazis who claim to support ‘Occupy Wall St.’

We have to remember that the Koch sire received his fortune by selling oil to America's enemies, Hitler and Stalin. He then founded the John Birch Society. His sons, who also did business with America's enemy, Iran funded the Tea Party. Both of these groups are for neo-NAZI's who want to keep their hair.

Further...the same types of people support the Tea Party that supported Hitler: CEO's, Industrialists, the wealthy, and Conservative Christians (who gave Hitler the votes he needed to win election). German Corporations benefited from cheap labor provided by Concentration Camps. American corporations benefit from cheap labor provided by the largest prison population in the world. Hitler even kept a portrait of Henry Ford in his office.

Hitler killed and imprisoned Liberals first, then gays, then Jews. I predict Conservatives will imprison Liberals, then gays, Hispanics, Blacks, single mothers, and eventually Jews who don't convert to Christianity and take the Mark.

Fascism is capitalism plus murder - defined as Corporatism. NAZIism is Fascism plus a scape-goat, whether the Jews, Blacks, Hispanics - always Liberals - someone to blame a nation's problems on to divert attention away from the corporations who are the real cause.

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