Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teens Leave Churches Seen As Judgmental, Unfriendly According To New Book 'You Lost Me'

My wife grew up in a Free Will Baptist church, we got married there, and tried to go after our wedding. Unfortunat­ely, we were the only family under 50 at the time, and my wife's parents were the only other family under 70. They pretty much drove anyone with any enthusiasm or youth away.

The problem was the same problem with American Fundamenta­lism in general, it redefines Christiani­ty to fit current cultural mores. In the case of this church, anything not conforming to what they were used to became "false Christiani­ty" especially youth. And nationally­, anything that does not fit into a narrow American Exceptiona­list view is somehow demonic (which, btw, is the same doctrine that convinced German Christians to help put Hitler into power..
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