Thursday, October 20, 2011

What the NYPD Really Thinks of Occupy Wall Street

What the NYPD Really Thinks of Occupy Wall Street | Mother Jones

The Occupy Wall Streeters have accomplished a few things not the least of which is opening a dialogue. Not issuing specific demands was a stroke of genius in this regard. What the Tea Party (sic)doesn't get is that, since Citizens United, corporations are the government. We face a larger but similar situation to what prompted the original Tea Party: a tax passed by the British government to prop up a corporate monopoly, the East India Tea Company.

What the people who accuse everyone they disagree with of being Socialists (as if that were a bad thing) don't get is that Socialists are not against Capitalism. We support small business, mom and pops, etc. but believe that essential business: hospitals, utilities, water, etc. should belong to us all. What America has is not Capitalism, the Free Market is a myth (just try to enter the market as a Doctor without a license), technically it's Corporatism, another word for Fascism. Finally, the NYPD have been very helpful - every act of violence by the NYPD has swelled the ranks of Occupy Wall Street's sympathizers.

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