Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rick Perry’s Newest Problem: His Fond Memories of “Niggerhead” and Growing Up in a Sundown Town

The town where my family lived until I was in 3rd grade, I am told, was a sundown town (Arab, AL) - I remember flying into Huntsville 30 years ago, when I was stationed at England AFB, for my grandfather's funeral, my aunt picking me up at the airport, crossing the river and, upon reaching the Smallwood's Grocery where, as a kid, I bought balsawood gliders.  Standing next to the store was a huge billboard advertizing the next KKK meeting.

I also remember, when we arrived "up North", and started my new school, the school ended up arranging a tutor at a local college to assist me until I caught up with the other 3rd grade kids.

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