Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

I'm not against the death penalty, I'm against the way we impose it. The Bible required a minimum of two eye-witnesses who themselves faced the same penalty as the accused if they were found to have lied. IOW a standard of "beyond any doubt" as opposed to our standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Just a couple of days ago an Occupier's  case was tossed because the police officer lied and the article mentioned that police officers have "qualified immunity" when they lie. The day before that, there was an article about prosecutors hiding exonerating evidence from the defense and how difficult it is to prosecute or punish them for malicious prosecution.  Within the past few days, it's been proven that Texas has recently executed two innocent men and Georgia has likely executed an innocent man just a few months ago. In addition at least 2000 people have been exonerated after being falsely convicted, according to another article - a bunch of them here in Illinois.  Recent studies also show that White juries tend to convict Black men whether they did it or not.

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