Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Poor, Whose Responsibility?

Our responsibly to feed the poor is a constant refrain in both testaments of the Bible (and in the scriptures of most other religions as well), appearing in more than a thousand verses.  The Bible tells us that the governments' failure to provide for the poor led to God allowing Isreal to be destroyed and Judah led into captivity.

The tithe was eaten by the farmer and his family and then shared with strangers (with a small portion given to the priests). Farmers (business) were to leave the corners of their fields unharvested and fallowed every seven years so the poor could

Jesus and Paul reiterated the Church's and individual's responsibility for the poor and the apostles reminded Paul
(Galatians 2:10) that helping the poor was essential doctrine.

Certainly, the poor should be willing to work (a verse that is often interpreted to contradict the entire rest of the Bible), but in a Capitalist society, full employment is a statistical impossiblilty.

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