Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Paper God

The Bible mentions our (nation, church & individual)  responsibility to the poor in over a 1000 verses. God allowed Israel to be destroyed and Judah captured because they neglected and exploited the poor.

God has told me before that the day is coming and soon when, to be called an American, will no longer make one proud, but will be considered "fighting words." The highest of insults.

Do we really think that our greed, that exceeds all greed in the history of man, will be rewarded when Israel and Judah met such fates? America had such promise, the ability, on its own to feed the word, but it abandoned God for a god made of paper, See! Right there on their paper god is written, "In God We Trust." America placed its faith in the wrong god...for soon, the world will be using its paper god to light their stoves. And God, the God of Creation will be defamed no more.

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