Monday, September 6, 2010

Moisha Rabinovoff began his musical education almost before he could talk. For over twenty years he studied in practically every conservatory in the world. After that he played in concerts in every big European capital—London, Vienna, Rome, Paris. Finally he came to New York to play under Leopold Stokowski. On the first day when he was playing with Stokowski, the great conductor noticed he had a grouchy look on his face.

"Hah!" he thought. "This guy is a sourpuss."

"Why have you got that sour look on your face?" Stokowski demanded. "Don't you like me?" he continued.

"It's not that," answered Rabinovoff.

"Maybe you don't like the other musicians?"

"No, it isn't that."

"Well, maybe you don't like the piece we're playing?"

"No, it's not that."

"Maybe you don't like Carnegie Hall?"

"That isn't it."

"Well, there must be something wrong. What is it?"

"I just don't like music!" exploded Rabinovoff.

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